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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by WindsofHorus View Post
She never becomes a cyborg

It's just a terrible idea that makes the armors feel cheap.

There is no real reason for it.
If more than one character having any power makes it cheap, then there ought to be only one super-strong hero, right? So by that rationale Thor shouldn't have super-strength, because Hulk beat him to it, though Thor's "god of thunder" weather powers are unique. (Storm should never have been created, though.) And Captain America just might as well not suit up at all because he's just another strong guy, albeit with a strength level that's far below the others. Bringing in Ms./Captain Marvel would be even more redundant since strength is one of her main shticks, along with energy blasts that duplicate Iron Man and Thor's powers. There should be only one Ant-Man, of course (though Wasp gets a bye because she has wings). And so on.

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