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Default Re: The Batman Reboot Casting Thread - Part 4

I still like the idea of a modified Batman Year Two story which BMOTP is based on.

Batman has been operating in Gotham for a couple of years while taking on the criminal empire run by the mysterious Black Mask. However once the Reaper appears and begins to target mobsters and cops, Detective Yin reluctantly works with Batman to stop this new killer stalking the streets. Her partner Harvey Bullock who sees Batman as a menace , grows weary as his partner is drawn deeper and deeper into Batman's world putting her own life at risk. As the stakes are raised, Batman finds that he needs a way into the mob world in order to stop Black Mask and the Reaper which ultimately results in consulting a criminal Joe Chill, the man who he believes murdered his parents.

Batman/ Bruce Wayne: Sam Witwer
Reaper : Michael Fassbender
Black Mask: Daniel Craig
Alfred Pennyworth: Geoffrey Rush
Dr. Leslie Tompkins: Helen Mirren
Joe Chill : Robert Carlyle
Detective Ellen Yin : Lucy Liu
Detective Harvey Bullock: Kevin Chapman

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