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Default Re: TDKR palette.

Pfister always goes for the natural , realistic style , and not the flashy or over-stylized compositions. He kinda preaches naturalism in the shots he create (dont confuse this with no lighting , or to lit a scene with only natural lighting). He doesn't even do digital intermediate for color correction.

The outside shots are tremendous , specially knowing when they filmed it (the snow usually is used for high contrast , but in here its captured in a much more natural way). He has great eyes to be able to achieve that , because usually they go for some blocking (i think americans call it flags) , diffusion panels and bam. He's a really talented guy. And he does all this , even with Imax , we cant forget its a little more difficult to hide some artificial lights , yet everything feels very homogeneous (and its also very hard to maneuver). A fantastic technical achievement.

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