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Default Re: The beginning sequence of the DOFP

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
Yes, because First Class is DEFINITELY superior to X1 and better than X2 as well (though people are divided on the X2 vs FC front, which I understand). It's only natural that people on this FIRST CLASS SEQUEL forum praise FC. And liking FC doesn't mean you have to like the original trilogy. I used to love the first two movies but to me when it comes to First Class, there's no contest. X1 and 2 haven't aged well at all (not even going to discuss X3 and Wolverine because they do not exist in my mind) and again, seeing as how this is a FIRST CLASS forum, I'm totally allowed to have that opinion. Just because there's a good chance there will be some old cast in this film does not mean they're making X4... I think if you'll be watching DOFP hoping for it to be X4 you're going to be pretty disappointed.

And no, the beginning of X1 & X2, that whole "evolution leaps forward" speech, is tacky and unnecessary, just as it was 12 years ago. Even moreso when it's the SEVENTH X-Men film.
That's your opinion.And this is a forum for X-Men days of future past.

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