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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

The following I originally posted to the "Plots based on Spoilers" thread. As you'll see, I elected to post the remainder of my thoughts here.

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
So, for a plot tie in: In the alternate Thor1 ending, Jane says, "if he can't get here on his own... maybe we can help him find his way back." The events of The Avengers suggest to Jane that, well, maybe finding his way back is not a top priority. So, perhaps instead she decides to point her portal at another realm instead (and . . . perhaps chooses poorly).
Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
that very well could be something. This is the god of thunder, so jane, excuse you if Thor has other things to handle, like you know, saving your world, and then taking the villain back to asgard, he simply did not have time to get back to her.

Reading that, that she will be angry with him for not visiting made me cringe, and will make me hate her even more. Honestly, he just saved your planet, and needed to take the prisonor back home to answer for his crimes.

jane, he didn't have time to. Even if he did, so what if you weren't a priority? This isn't a guy you met, and who you are expecting to show up like an ordiniary guy. This is the being from another dimension, who is thousands of years old. The being that vikings refered to as the god of thunder. So excuse him if he had other godly things to take care of.

honestly, and I appologize if I offend anyone

but **** jane foster in the mcu. far and away my least favorite character in the mcu. And reading this just made it even worse. im pissed off now
Well, I'm sorry. I only meant to have fun with the idea of some friction between Thor and Jane (probably prompted by Hemsworth's comment, "Thor might have some explaining to do in this one. . . .There's some fun to be had with that.") I didn't mean to provoke you. (I have been trying not to say much about Jane because I know that for some she is such an irritation, and I'm only trying to have fun here on the Hype.)

We were kind of discussing this over in the Jane Foster thread, so I think I will post the rest of my reply over there.

Now, in this thread, I did suppose Jane might feel a mixture of anger and joy at seeing Thor again. Here's the chevron (the little arrow) that will take you to that post:

(Edit: sorry, the quote did not get pasted in before)
Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Maybe a mixture of both. I mean, she feels what she feels, but two years is a long time. And the thinker in her might have wondered, y'know, maybe I read too much into this back then, since he hasn't shown up. She doesn't have the benefit of Heimdall filling her in on what Thor's up to, so she really can't know whether or how much he is thinking about her.

In light of Jon(Aqua)'s comments, to characterize her negative feelings as "anger" is too harsh. But I'm sure a part of her wouldn't be able to help feeling disappointed and left questioning what this is. He hasn't technically broken his word by not returning for her, and certainly there was the incredible crisis on earth. I'm sure she's not the least bit upset that he wasn't able to return prior to the events of the Avengers. She knew something had gone terribly wrong with the Bifrost, and as the alternate ending shows, the humans were all certain he would come back if he could.

Getting back to the end of The Avengers, I'm sure there's a part of her that is thinking, "Okay, he'll return, but. . .when? Is this actually going to work, or is it logistically impossible?" And she'll probably wonder if she really interpreted his intentions correctly, since it's been 1 year and counting. Earth's myths are full of stories of "gods" coming to earth, courting earth girls, and then leaving, never to return. Is this the same story, for the umpteenth time? After a while, she may start to feel foolish for carrying a torch for so long. Thor has the benefit of reports from Heimdall as to her continued interest; she has nothing analogous.

And I think she would forebear another year of separation without complaint if she just had a little bit of a lifeline that this is not completely one-sided on her part. So I think a part of her will feel hurt despite the fact that she knows that the events of the Avengers were truly more important, and the hurt would be about his not making even a small acknowledgement that he even remembers her. Just the smallest thing would have been enough. Examples: maybe Erik could have loaned him a mobile phone (Thor may not know what a phone is, but he would have seen people communicate, and besides, Erik knows what a phone is, and knows what is going on between them). Maybe he could have given Erik a note, or told Erik to tell Jane he had not forgotten his promise, or else to convey his apologies for not being able to reach her.

So I think this element touches on the question that Feige posed, "Do they know each other?" She's probably wondering, "Do I actually know him, or am I reading more than I should into this?"

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