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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
How do you know Bane and Talia aren't equal allies? How do you know that Bane's invasion of Gotham was because of Talia? His joining the League of Shadows seems to have been, but as far as the rest goes that seems to be conjecture.
I'm puzzled by your argument. Whether or not they were allies or Bane was subservient to her is not a point I have argued. The only point I've debated towards this context is whether the movie CLEARLY shows Bane having any other motive for attacking Bruce/Gotham if not for Talia.

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
In fact, I'd say the movie also implies (for example) that his motivations are because of Ra's. He seems angered when Bruce mentions that he was excommunicated from the League. He calls himself Ra's Al Ghuls successor and identifies himself so closely with the League's mission that he proclaims "I AM THE LEAGUE OF SHADOWS!" He says he is here to fulfill Ra's Al Ghul's destiny. Nothing is mentioned about vengeance for Talia, not even when he has Bruce defeated and in the pit.
Of course the movie implies that Bane is motivated by Ra's. I agree with you on that respect, he says multiple times that he wants to fulfil Ra's Al Ghul's destiny. The problem with that is that all the movie tells us about the relationship between Ra's and Bane is that Bane saved Ra's daughter and Ra's responded to the kindness by excommunicating him from the league.

- A point I want you to remember is that Talia says that Ra's returned to the pit to "exact terrible vengeance" on those who had killed her mother. It is never mentioned that Ra's returned to the pit specifically to rescue Bane, just that they happened to find him. If Bane is indeed motivated primarily by his desire to fulfil Ra's AL Ghul's destiny, then the film should have spent more time showing why the legacy was so important to him in the first place and why he felt any loyalty to Ra's/The League of Shadows after they excommunicatedhim. So either

A.) You're wrong and this is all a facade that Bane was using to deflect attention from Talia

B.) You're right, in which case Bane is a poorly written character who wasn't fleshed out enough

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