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Default Re: Wasp Costume Thread

Yes, you have seen two of my designs that look slightly similar and judge all my designs by that. Anyway.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

My Antman movie design was a mix of the Ultimate Giant Man design (which I think they will use heavily like they did with Hawkeye) and the classic Ant Man costume. The "jacket" shape comes from the combination of the Ultimate padded area design and the classic Antman design going down his chest.
As for the Captain Marvel movie design you are referring to, I basically took the Ultiamte design and made it red with modifications. But the "jacket" design there came pretty much completely from the Ultimate design of Captain Mar-Vell, which I think like the Avengers cartoon they will use heavily if not completely in the movie.

As for Wasp, I think they might streamline their origins. Maybe make her powers origin source more similar to the Pym Particles. Her shrinking could be the same as Antman's shrinking, with him breathing Pym Particles and shrinking or growing. So her costume could have a mask as well. Especially if they are both super spies, hiding their face might be beneficial. I am just saying that her costume might look slightly unlike her comic costumes.
Originally Posted by Malcolm Belmont View Post
If they want to go more classic style..i think they should go with a costume similar to this:

I mean if you took this helmet of heres here, added a gas type mask and goggles (both of which could and most likely would be removed most of the time) I could see them going that direction. Then, like Thor, she looses the helmet and goggles and never gets them back. Takes them off and never puts it back on.

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