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Default Re: Ideas on how to achieve time travel

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
edited: you have just answered me, hehe. so it wont be longer than 1 min, right? at least Franklin part.

I think some ideas seem complicated to fans while reading them, but on the actual movie, it could be done by a good director in a fine way without making it too long, so its not a bad idea.

No exactly what Id love to see just in the very intro, but its a nice idea.

I like Rogue ideas much more, tho she's one of my faves characters, so Id love to see something like that, definetly
Thanks for the input! Honestly, since the franchise started with Rogue, I think it would be great to have her be the catalyst for this story as well. She'll never get her Ms. Marvel powers, but at least she can be bad ass in a different, darker way.

Like this panel:

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