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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
The indifference noted in the pace at which this viral package is unlocked is a reflection of the quality of marketing thus far.
Uh, don't agree with you on this one. I mean, it took Iron Man 3 four days to unlock the sneak peek of the trailer, on a FB site with over 10 million likes and people knew what they were unlocking so that's an added motivation! Besides, not everyone wants to share a TDKR add. I know quite a few people who wont out of principle. I did, even though TDKR was, for me, one of the biggest disappointments ever in terms of movies.

Not saying that there is no indifference, at this point before we even had a proper trailer or anything really, it's to be expected, but I don't think that is the reason for the slowdown. I also still believe WB might be controlling the pace, as I've mentioned in one of my previous posts.

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