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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Not only does he believe it's his duty to destroy Gotham, he believes it's his duty to punish it for past misdeeds, again reckoning was a very specific word choice. He's calling himself the personification of Gotham's judgment and punishment. What other past misdeeds are on the table here? Ra's obviously believed Gotham to be a corrupt city, Bane talks about fulfilling his destiny. Can you at least see how this is a logical conclusion to draw, even if the movie doesn't spell it out by having Bane say "I believe Gotham is corrupt" in private? There's a difference between interpreting something in a film and finding something to be implicit. I truly find Bane's belief in what he is doing to be the latter. And of course, Talia has a role in his actions too. I'm not denying that.

Now, whether Bane never let go of his initial LOS indoctrination, or has a reinvigorated belief thanks to working side by side with Talia ...that is open to interpretation. But all I'm saying is I think the movie makes it exceedingly clear that Bane has stake in this, ideologically.
I'm not saying you're wrong nor am I saying the conclusion you drew is illogical, but none of what you say definitively proves that Bane thinks Gotham is corrupt. He may or may not, it is up to interpretation, and I see nothing wrong in yours. But what I asked for was a specific instance in the film (apart from manipulating the general populace) where Bane says he believes Gotham to be corrupt.

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