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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by RayReptile View Post
So, after a long time coming, I FINALLY got my Ra's Al Ghul after ordering it from However, after I got it, the last piece of the Bat-Signal... does not work. Put batteries in and nothing happens. Its either the lamp or the wiring. Just annoying, that after all this time, it doesn't work.

Contacted Mattel.... they said they don't have replacement parts and apologized. They said they would send me a replacement coupon. Sadly, it won't work online so the chances of ordering a second Ra's Al Ghul is slim to none. Oh well. Bat-Signal looks good on the shelf, but doesn't work. Sad day for me.
I'm having an issue with my signal as well. Not really a HUGE issue, but still an annoyance. I just finished mine too but the button on the bottom sticks. I believe there's a spring in there or something, but it doesn't seem to work right. Push it in, and it stays in keeping the light from coming on. If I twist the back part of the signal or use my nail to try and pull the button back out though, it'll light up because it takes the pressure off the little black button at the base of the signal.

It does work however, just not quite like it's supposed to I don't think.

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