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Default Re: State Your Opinion on a Character - Part 1

Y'all must be young to not understand the appeal of them. As a kid in the 90's the appeal was pretty simple....

It's morphin time!


*people getting beat up and giant robots to some cheesy rock music*

When you're 10 years old seeing this that's all you need. It's pretty stupid looking back at it now, but that's pretty much any kid stuff.

Gay Marriage: "You don't have to go to the wedding if you don't like it! So two people who are in love can't get married because it hurts your feelings? That's wrong."

Batgirl Variant cover: "How dare they do this?! I don't care if you like the cover and want to buy it. It offends me and it should be banned!"

Ladies and gentlemen you are witnessing the Horseshoe Theory at work.
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