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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by Primal Slayer View Post
We must have been watching different movies since Storm was not given enough of anything. And Halle played the character how they wanted her to.
I completely, totally and utterly agree. Even in X-men the last stand where she has the most screen time her character still has nothing much to do. Halle is basically in it because she was a big star at the time, and Storm would allow for cool special effect, action pieces. The character isn't developed and even if they recast (which I think they shouldn't) if they don't do more to respect the character than it won't be any better. it would make sense to keep Halle in the role as audiences are already familiar with her as Storm and to give her better character development.

To think that with three movies i still don't know where Storm comes from, what she believes in, why she joined the X-men and why Prof X thought that she would be the best replacement for Cyclops as leader. (I mean I know this stuff coz i've read comics and watched the animated series but those who haven't don't know. Yet they know Logan's from Canada, know his background, know what he fights for, know why and how he joined the x-men these are things we should know about ALL the characters. Storm was not the only one who had no character development, Cyclops and others didn't have development either.

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