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Default Re: Be Thankful for the Pre-Thanksgiving BOUGHT/THOUGHT! 11/21/12

Indestructible Hulk #1 was pretty great as well. Now, I might be an utter idiot, but I actually liked the early portion of Aaron's run. Sure, it was ridiculous, but I kinda really liked the idea of Hulk and Banner split in two, of Banner going inside due to not having the Hulk, etc., etc. Waid's approach is, well, the exact opposite; it's a story of a well adjusted Banner who's come to terms with sharing the same body with the Hulk. It's that concept that kind of makes this series a really fitting follow-up to Aaron's original concept; Banner's seen what happens when he gets away from being the Hulk, now he's trying a different, better way of coping with his "disease." It's a cool concept, Waid seems pretty intent on overpowering both Banner's brain and Hulk's might to the max - which is always fun, IMO - and Yu's art is solid and, again, complimentary to Silvestri work in the previous volume.

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