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Default Re: OFFICIAL Rate & Review the Amazing Spider-Man! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
I had my reservations from the moment the reboot was announced. The casting announcements didn't sound right. The absence of MJ & the Bugle was off-putting. The stills did nothing to sway me. Nor the trailers. I loathed the costume design and that never shanged. Finally out of sheer curiosity I broke down and grabbed it out of the Redbox. And I watched it. And I learned that all my skepticism...was completely justified. This movie was terrible. The ONLY thing I liked was the Lizard plot. Peter wasn't even likeable here. I won't even go into any lengthy details because I know I'll just be accused of being a brainwashed Raimi fanboy and all that nonsense. But bottom line, I didn't like it. And while the original trilogy may have had its flaws, Webb's take did nothing to improve on any of them. In my opinion, it missed the point. Nothing that I have loved about Spider-Man for the last 36 years came through in this film. And I won't be watching any future installments that are made in this same vain. Ever.
Not ONE thing you have loved about Spider-Man for 36 years was in this movie? Really?

Now ...what exactly is it you love about Spider-Man?

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