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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

A couple quotes I just read in a review that sum up a lot of my thoughts on Bane/the LOS and fall completely in line with how I interpreted the film:

From the start, Nolan’s Batman films have distinguished themselves from the superhero herd by taking their cues as much from the geo-political arena as the comic-book one, rarely more than in the case of Ra’s, an Eastern extremist whose view of Gotham as the acme of Western “decadence” might have been scripted by Osama bin Laden—or by his mentor, Sayyid Qutb, the theorist and author who visited suburban middle America in the 1940s and returned to his native Egypt horrified by what he had seen, including jazz music and the free intermingling of the sexes. Now Bane and his mercenary army have come to Gotham intent to finish Ra’s work, couching his intended genocide in the familiar rhetoric of class revolution, and with a single, ticking nuclear bomb in place of Ra’s al Ghul’s arsenal of dirty ones.
I firmly believe that is really what the LOS are all about, and I've said my piece about it on here multiple times so I won't go into it again. But that's why for me, everything about them in this film clicks into place- in terms of having relevant and truly frightening motivations, to Bane and Talia sharing these worldviews, to why both facets of their plan- the slow torture and eventual destruction of Gotham actually makes sense (in a very twisted and evil way).

Above all, there is the undying theme that has consumed all of the Nolan Batman films: the fine line between wanting to save the world and seeking its destruction, and the ease with which the rhetoric of one side can be perverted by the other.
Just a cool quote, shows how connected all 3 films are.

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