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Default Re: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate VIII (Team Frenchie Edition)

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Our clean energy project means it's a Wayne Enterprises venture, most likely handled by Lucius, like all of the main W.E. business. It doesn't mean he has met her before. You trying to tell me she has been hanging around Gotham for three years waiting for an energy project Bruce moth balled years ago?
Wayne the only one who knows where the reactor is kept, its he who moth balled it. And kept it from Talia, which is why she had Bane capture Dr. Pavel. He has met her before. Both Fox and Alfred have been trying to set them up, but Bruce hasn't let go of his grief, which is another reason why Alfred tells him the truth about Rachel, he wants Bruce to have a wife.

That was the case with Batman Begins since it was never revealed until the end of Begins that there was any romantic feelings between Bruce and Rachel. They behave like friends up until that point. But it was quite present in TDK.
My point is that the love story isn't the central conflict of TDK, its barely a subplot to all the other conflicts going on in that film.

If you want to be technical she also kissed him at the charity ball, too.
My point again is that Bruce's conflict with this character highlights more than just romance.

Saying it's never ruled out is as redundant as saying it's never ruled out that Bane and Talia never had sex before either. The movie never shows it or even hints at it any more than it does that Talia has any feelings for Bruce.
Exactly, nothing that Nolan shows us takes away from what she was in the comics though. Each character holds true to their comic counterpart, even if it doesn't take center stage.

She is cold and menacing towards him when she reveals who she really is. Looking at that scene by itself you would never know there was anything romantic between them before.
You got all that from a look?

Ra's looked at Bruce pretty menacingly, at the end of Begins, still he felt Bruce was his best student.


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