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Default Re: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate VIII (Team Frenchie Edition)

Originally Posted by Visceral View Post
Wayne the only one who knows where the reactor is kept, its he who moth balled it.
How do you know Wayne is the only one who know where it's kept? Lucius knew where it was, too.

And kept it from Talia, which is why she had Bane capture Dr. Pavel. He has met her before.
No, Bane had to capture Pavel because he was a Scientist with the know how to activate and disarm a bomb like that.

Both Fox and Alfred have been trying to set them up, but Bruce hasn't let go of his grief, which is another reason why Alfred tells him the truth about Rachel, he wants Bruce to have a wife.
They were both trying to set them up because Bruce had spent years alone. As Alfred said he would set him up with a Chimpanzee at this point if it meant getting Bruce back to the world.

Trying to get him to hook up with Tate was what that was about. Didn't mean they had met before.

My point is that the love story isn't the central conflict of TDK, its barely a subplot to all the other conflicts going on in that film.
My point again is that Bruce's conflict with this character highlights more than just romance.
Central focus or not, both were more elaborated on than the Talia one.

Exactly, nothing that Nolan shows us takes away from what she was in the comics though. Each character holds true to their comic counterpart, even if it doesn't take center stage.
But we're not talking about the comics. You were saying just because Nolan didn't show it doesn't mean it's ruled out. In this case any feelings Talia had for Bruce would have been evident. Nolan is all about characters showing their feelings.

You got all that from a look?

Ra's looked at Bruce pretty menacingly, at the end of Begins, still he felt Bruce was his best student.
What look are you talking about? I'm talking about her entire scene when she's revealed as Talia. She is cold, menacing, cruel, and doesn't show one glimpse of a possibility that she has any feelings for Bruce.

Ra's saying Bruce was his best student, the way he says it there is a look of regret in his face and voice that he is not standing by his side.

You don't get anything like that with Talia. The only emotion she shows towards someone else is towards Bane.

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