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Default Re: The beginning sequence of the DOFP

Originally Posted by Mrs Vimes View Post
Which so far has not been referred to as anything else than a First Class sequel. Including the byline for this very forum:

Discuss the Bryan Singer-directed X-Men: First Class sequel here.
Precisely. I imagine that if the film does well and they leave the option open for it, X4 could potentially be on the horizon someday. But this is indeed a First Class sequel, hence why no one on here should feel obligated to like or dislike the old trilogy. But this is probably not the ideal place to repeatedly talk about how everything in X1&2 is better than FC.

On that note, I've already expressed my hatred of the X1-2 openings and how they really, really should repeat them if they want DOFP to be taken seriously. But now I'd also like to add that having Patrick Stewart or any of the old cast should be the absolute LAST options for reciting that tired Evolution speech (should they unfortunately choose to go that route). Opening the movie with the old cast would indicate to the viewers that THESE are the people they need to be following, that this movie is about them and not FC. When in fact it should be very much the other way around. The old cast should really not be getting more than 15, maybe 20% of the screentime. And I think even that is being incredibly generous. The audience will be expecting First Class 2, not X-Men 4. I hope Singer keeps that in mind.

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