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Default Re: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate VIII (Team Frenchie Edition)

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
How do you know Wayne is the only one who know where it's kept? Lucius knew where it was, too.
Bruce was the one that decided to hide it. Lucius acknowledges it was Wayne's project in the scene where Bruce accuses him of losing all the money. Later in the film Talia explains that everything was going well with the project until a russian scientist wrote papers that stated the reactor could be weapon-ized, after that bruce secluded into hiding and mothballed the project. This is on page 70 of the script. "I thought you might like to see what your investment built."

No, Bane had to capture Pavel because he was a Scientist with the know how to activate and disarm a bomb like that.
Yeah, thats why Bruce had the Clean Energy Project Mothballed.

Bane attacks the stock market to force Wayne to hand the project over to Talia.

They were both trying to set them up because Bruce had spent years alone. As Alfred said he would set him up with a Chimpanzee at this point if it meant getting Bruce back to the world. Trying to get him to hook up with Tate was what that was about. Didn't mean they had met before.
Doesn't mean they hadn't, and there is dialogue to showing that they had met and worked together on a fusion reactor clean energy project.

Central focus or not, both were more elaborated on than the Talia one.
Opinion, even so it doesn't detract from the film. My statement is that the film does exactly what it intends to with each character while never taking away from the true spirit of the character. The film never places one romance over the other because the trilogy is about a son's interactions with his father figures.

But we're not talking about the comics. You were saying just because Nolan didn't show it doesn't mean it's ruled out. In this case any feelings Talia had for Bruce would have been evident. Nolan is all about characters showing their feelings.
Right, except the relationship that Bruce had with Ra's is far more important. Talia who now controls everything that wayne has

What look are you talking about? I'm talking about her entire scene when she's revealed as Talia. She is cold, menacing, cruel, and doesn't show one glimpse of a possibility that she has any feelings for Bruce.
Ra's saying Bruce was his best student, the way he says it there is a look of regret in his face and voice that he is not standing by his side.

You don't get anything like that with Talia. The only emotion she shows towards someone else is towards Bane.
The betrayal is supposed to mirror the betrayal in Begins. I would agree that she is upset that she lost her father. Ra's was upset that his house was burnt down. They both wanted to save the world, they only disagreed on how to save it.

The same is happening here. Talia respects that Wayne has put half of his fortune into saving the world with his clean energy project. However unlike him, she believes that saving the world is synonymous with destroying it. That's the symbolism of the reactor, it being weapon-ized doesn't take away it's world saving ability for her.

Her malicious look only states that she believes her father deserves justice, much like Bruce thought about his, it doesn't prove her feelings were completely apathetic toward Bruce. She is going to die in the same ball of fire he is after all.


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