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Default Re: Heroic Archetypes - Batman Begins

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
My heart bleeds for ya.

Maybe if ya stop logging in and out every 5 minutes it might help your head hahaha.
Every 5 minutes? That's an overstatement, lol. Maybe once a hour when I can, but not every 5 minutes, haha.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I'm not trying to make a difference, I'm showing you an analogy which equates to what you're saying. You're labeling them both as bad behavior, but bad behavior comes in different extremes.

You equate death threats the same as simple insults just because it's words. Calling someone a fool, and mocking the death of a loved one are both words, too, but one is far more nasty and extreme than the other.

You can write it off as just words as much as you like, I'm just glad RT or any reputable website doesn't treat such behavior so nonchalantly.

It doesn't matter if they are actually going to kill them or not. You keep trying to excuse this disgusting behavior just because the people who did it are too cowardly to follow through on it.
Totally fine if the website treats death threats accordingly by their standards, but if you ask me, a death threat on a site is just as bad as the next 'troll' saying this or that sucks over and over.

And no, you are missing my point. Nowhere am I giving death threats an excuse, am I? You're missing the point when I am just saying death threats are as bad as the general insulting post or comment, especially when I SAY the threats are bad. No excuses from me whatsoever.

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
The point is ain't no fan base has ever behaved like that ever over a movie. Ya can't find one example in movie history of it where dozens of fans went and did that. It had to be a heck of a lot of 'em if they shut down Tomatoes comments section. Fact.

Yup that makes any bunch of fans better than them cos none of 'em ever sunk that low.
You know, I had yet to see a group of fans attacking a reviewer after a negative review. Perhaps it's because I don't follow reviews much, but just saying. It works both ways. That negative review being attacked is the first I've seen of this.

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