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Level for level, gun for gun, the campaign, multiplayer and zombies content of Black Ops 2 on Wii U is almost the same. This version may cut the livestreaming feature, and currently doesn’t have Elite, but it makes up for it with some nifty GamePad functionality. The GamePad really steals the show on Black Ops II Wii U. While you can play with a Wii remote and nunchuck, a classic controller or even the new Wii U Pro controller, the GamePad’s button layout feels closest to what you might expect coming from the 360 or PS3 versions. It also offers some touchscreen options in multiplayer that are sometimes useful, and completely optional to use. You can change your class without having to bring up the start screen, for instance, or call in Scorestreaks with on-screen buttons (less than ideal in an intense situation, but it is optional), or use the GamePad as your minimap regardless of what controller you’re using.

Moreover it’s built-in screen offers functionality that no other platform has. Namely, the ability to play any portion of the game via SecondScreen gameplay. Black Ops 2 occasionally drops in frame-rate no matter how you play it, but both regular and SecondScreen gameplay function well enough that I never felt at a disadvantage or that it took away from the fun, even when playing the super speedy online multiplayer. Even cooler, you can play online split-screen multiplayer without having to actually split your screens. You can still play with two people on the same TV, or, thanks to some brilliant designers, use the GamePad as your second player’s screen.

One additional caveat about Black Ops II on Wii U: Its multiplayer is every bit as fun as that on other platforms, but hardly anyone is playing right now. I could easily find games of Team Deathmatch, but finding games in other modes or in League Play is currently nigh impossible.
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