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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I would argue that they kinda do view it as its own country, as crazy as it sounds. Heck, by isolating it in TDKR they more or less make it so.

The thing is, Ra's calls Gotham "the world's greatest city", which is something that gets a callback in Rises as well. I think it's fair to say that he saw it as very symbolically valuable to his cause. Similarly to how Al Qaeda attacked the Twin Towers for its symbolic impact. It's about Gotham being the biggest and most sprawling city, therefore being a huge symbol for capitalism and Western civilization in general. It's the city they want to make an example out of so the world can make "the movement back to harmony".

The LOS is not an exact stand-in for Al Qaeda, but the point is the parallels are there. In the movies, they seem to operate as an organization that, through the ages, singles out one civilization at a time that they see as the pinnacle of human corruption. For this modern era, they have selected Gotham.
Yeah, but again, it completely contradicts what Ra's had set out in BB. In TDKR, Gotham was at peace, and the city was clean....why terrorize it, if you see it as some "crazed 'Western civilization' out of control", when it wasn't? It was actually portrayed as one of the cleanest cities in America. Which again, goes against Ra's plan in BB to begin with. Not only does the article not make sense, but neither does Bane's/Talia's plan, which of course, is obviously set out on revenge more than what Ra's or the LOS upheld.

That article sounds like they're just commenting on it as a single movie, instead of looking at it as a full trilogy.

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