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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
Yeah, but again, it completely contradicts what Ra's had set out in BB. In TDKR, Gotham was at peace, and the city was clean....why terrorize it, if you see it as some "crazed 'Western civilization' out of control", when it wasn't? It was actually portrayed as one of the cleanest cities in America. Which again, goes against Ra's plan in BB to begin with. Not only does the article not make sense, but neither does Bane's/Talia's plan, which of course, is obviously set out on revenge more than what Ra's or the LOS upheld.
Well, this is where I've hit a wall in every discussion/debate on this because this is where I argue that the LOS isn't really attacking crime, they're attacking greed (the root of the evil presented in the form of the mob and the white collar bad guys in Rises) and decadence. And TDKR goes out of its way to show us that there's plenty of it in Gotham even when the streets are cleaner. For me, it all comes back to the LOS attacking Gotham economically prior to Batman Begins. That stood out to me like a sore thumb even when I first saw Begins. Why do that? The LOS were themselves responsible for creating the desperation that led to the urban nightmare Gotham we saw in Begins. It just begs the question of why, and why that method? Why did they want to create all those Joe Chills if it's crime and only crime they hate so much?

Again, this is where we hit the wall though. I know that the other side of the debate feels strongly that the LOS should have only attacked Gotham if it was still overrun with crime, so I can only agree to disagree.

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