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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

It's not that intricate though really, it's just the fact that they are attacking a civilization where greed, decadence, imbalance, injustice...whatever you want to call it, has flourished in numerous ways over the years, and they want to make an example out of it for the world (and Bruce Wayne) to see. The LOS, in its own twisted ways are trying to restore balance to the world.

Talia's line about revenge on Bruce being "merely a reward for her patience" seems to suggest that revenge was a parallel, coinciding motive. Talia says flat out that she honors her father by finishing his work, and Bane talks about fulfilling Ra's al Ghul's destiny. I just am trying to say that IMO, if Ra's had survived that train crash...he'd come back to finish the job too, regardless of whether the streets were clean. I kind of equate the Dent Act with The Waynes' philanthropy keeping Gotham alive. Both are things the League sees as a band-aid for a problem that can't be fixed. And yes, it would be partly for revenge if Ra's came back, but I don't think he'd back down one bit in his ideals. I kinda view Talia as the ghost of Ra's, in that sense.

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