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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

I don't think this is a fair question really. IMO the Joker is the greatest villain in comic history, and Ledger's interpretation will go down in the annals of cinema as a true classic.

That being said though, I think what Hardy did with Bane was much more difficult. Aside from the fact that his face was almost completely covered, Bane as a character isn't the same flamboyant, force of nature the Joker is, which lends itself to a captivating performance more easily.

Bane is probably the most understated of all Batman's Rogues in terms of personality. So I think Hardy & co. crafted a very interesting way of presenting him. It's much harder to pull off those stoic, icy characters, even more so when your face is covered, and even worse when your following up the most outrageous villain of all time. Just based on the level of difficulty, I put Tom's Bane just slightly behind Ledger's Joker.

Originally Posted by Robin91939 View Post
Why are there people out there who are confused about Bane's motivation?

He loved and wanted to protect Talia. That's the start of it.

He was cast out by Ra's al Ghul.

Ra's al Ghul failed in his attempt to destroy Gotham.

So -- Bane is freed from the Pit because Talia comes back to save him and repay his kindess and protection... Her father can't stand the sight of him because he reminds him of his own mistakes and the imprisonment and death of his only love. Bane is cast out as a man unworthy of Ra's al Ghuls' daughter and legacy by no fault of his own, YET Bane is honorable and still feels in Ra's' debt for him saving his life...

Upon Ra's al Ghuls' death, Talia becomes the head of the Demon and brings Bane back into the League of Shadows, where she felt he always belonged.

While he earned a spot in Talia's eyes, he felt he still needed to prove himself worthy in Ra's' eyes (even in death).

He would help Talia to do what Ra's couldn't. Proving that not only was he Ra's' equal or worthy of the life that Ra's saved when he rescued him -- but that he was his better.

He shows great respect and admiration for Ra's throughout the film. He clearly didn't blame him for exiling him, but he felt like he needed to prove himself worthy in his dead "father's" eyes. That's why when Batman brings up his excommunication, Bane goes nuts. But inthe same scene refers to Ra's as "the great Ra's al Ghul." He felt that he was an honorable man, and understood and accepted the reason that he was excomunnicated, but still felt the need to prove to Ra's (even in death) that he SHOULD NOT have been kicked out and that he was worthy of the League and the best way to do that and to vindicate himself was to finish what Ra's couldn't... Destroy Gotham.

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