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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
For me, it all comes back to the LOS attacking Gotham economically prior to Batman Begins. That stood out to me like a sore thumb even when I first saw Begins. Why do that? The LOS were themselves responsible for creating the desperation that led to the urban nightmare Gotham we saw in Begins. It just begs the question of why, and why that method? Why did they want to create all those Joe Chills if it's crime and only crime they hate so much?

Again, this is where we hit the wall though. I know that the other side of the debate feels strongly that the LOS should have only attacked Gotham if it was still overrun with crime, so I can only agree to disagree.
The LOS decided to attack Gotham the first time because they saw it as a city at the peak of its decadence/corruption.

Attacking Gotham economically was simply their 'nuclear bomb' or weapon, so to speak, their attempt to destroy the city by making everyone poorer and getting the city to tear itself apart.

In TDKR its different. It's more of a focus on the increasing wealth gap, economic disparity caused by greed and corruption of its own citizens (perhaps brought on by corrupt bankers on Wall Street). The LOS views this as corruption worth eliminating.

My only question is if the LOS is against corruption in the banking system, etc or just capitalism in general, once it reaches its peak.

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