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Default Re: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate VIII (Team Frenchie Edition)

Saw this on Tumblr yesterday. I think fits in this topic. Reminded me what Ra's says in Begins about the memory from the people you love become poison in your veins:

Some random thoughts about Miranda Tate Talia:
Talia saw in her father’s death a possibility to prove something about herself: at first, as a League leader, that she was better than him, trying to execute a plan bigger than his father did, and because she survived the pit, a place Ra’s didn’t knew. Maybe she even hated him for that, because accepted his own wife in that hell in his place.
Her angry on Bruce was more like a representation of this feeling. Is like when in Begins, Bruce wants to kill Chill and Rachel shows him that wasn’t the point, there’s a lot behind. Maybe she didn’t cared about Ra’s that much at first, which is already cruel, but when she knew her father chose someone “unknown” that disappointed him after, was a possibility to prove to Ra’s that she was right about Bane, someone she knew, trusted and Ra’s didn’t. And in a certain way was about how strong she still was because was “born and raised on hell on earth”, even after Ra’s death.Maybe Talia didn’t wanted to honor her father’s job, she just wanted to prove she was better than him. Never was about love or something like that.
Of course, again, as a League member, Gotham still needed to be destroyed, but maybe for her, that wasn’t the main cause. The other thing she maybe wanted was prove Bane could be in the group, doing the plan with him, sharing the functions.
Both Bruce and Talia (and Bane, and Rachel, and Harvey…) were victims of the system, something bigger than their wills. The difference between them were how the they chose to deal with all that.

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