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Default Re: The Justice League Casting Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Deathstroke View Post
Witwer looks like a metrosexual from Jersey Shore.

But he is a decent actor for TV.

That being said, Batman deserves better... especially after Bale. Ideally someone with some type of film resume. Batman is going to be the lead character in JL inevitably. There's no way WB would plan otherwise considering Batman is the only proven money maker of the team.

They need a solid, respectable actor. Witwer's resume is mediocre.
Personally I think Bale was merely decent as Batman nothing extraodinary.Dont really see Witwers metrosexual look.As for Witwer having a mediocre resume so those Cavill and hes playing Superman-the reason is that he can play the part irrespective of a mediocre resume.

Also whilst Batman is the only proven money maker,Superman looks set to change that.
Also JL shld not have a lead character-it should have lead characters-The Justice league.This is so as to enable spinoffs

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