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Default Re: How close should a comic book movie be to its source material?

A fellow named Count Karnstein discussed this on Yuku.


First, I consider the Batman (1966) movie to be the finest superhero movie ever. Totally correctly done, faithful, etc.

Go dig up my post where I showed in excruciating detail how the Batman movie (and tv show) was totally faithful to the character as he was before, during, and for a time after the movie and tv show. Spidey never went through such extreme changes. Few characters do. Batman was done faithfully at the time. Plus, it was unapologetically a comic book on the big screen. As I said in that earlier post, they didn't worry about whether the movie would be "believable" to the stupid masses. They made a superhero movie based on the comic book as it was at the time (and for a long while before). End of story.

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