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Default Re: Official 2012 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Discussion

Originally Posted by ShredderX View Post
Peter Laird wanted the 2003 toon to be as close to the Mirage comic as possible.
And unlike Mirage it was mostly boring because it was still a kids show trying it's damndest to seem "grown up" and it felt inorganic a lot of the time. At least this new show is more conscious of what it is and isn't trying too hard to prove itself as being "more".

The TMNT was a parody of " Daredevil ", " New Mutants ", and " Ronin ".
Yes which is the concept where a lot of the humor in the Mirage books derives from including having "serious anti-heroes".

The turtles were never these little dudes that ran around eating pizza all day and doing slap sticky $h#t.
And outside of the latter Fred Wolf seasons which I didn't even see since I outgrew the show by the 4th season this hasn't really been the case and nobody is asking for it to be.

The 2003 toon was never meant to be " fun ".
Somehow I don't think this is true at all considering we're talking about a kid's show here. It just wasn't very successful at being organically fun.

Just like " Dark Knight " was never meant to be " fun " like the 1960's Batman.
But it was still meant to be fun in it's own right which it was a lot of the times.

The turtles are now a parody of themselves, a parody of a parody if you will.
BS. It's like saying "Batman of today is a joke" because he's grown beyond his original concept as a gun toting vigilante who had no real qualms about killing his foes. It's called a concept evolving beyond it's original identity is all.

This is how these properties manage to survive from generation to generation and not remain stale. The Turtles are NOW still the Turtles only difference is that they have much more dimensions than they did in the Mirage days. Back then they were purposely portrayed to be one note for satirical purposes and this is coming from a Mirage fan. Now a days they're more fleshed out and well rounded and there is nothing wrong with that. The current incarnations (IDW comics and the Nick show) are stronger for it.

I enjoy comic book adaptations but I'm a comic book fan first and foremost. Not a comic book movie fan.
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