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Default Re: Heroic Archetypes - Batman Begins

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Totally fine if the website treats death threats accordingly by their standards, but if you ask me, a death threat on a site is just as bad as the next 'troll' saying this or that sucks over and over.
Again Anno all I can say is I am very glad the administrations don't write them off as regular every day insults.

And no, you are missing my point. Nowhere am I giving death threats an excuse, am I? You're missing the point when I am just saying death threats are as bad as the general insulting post or comment, especially when I SAY the threats are bad. No excuses from me whatsoever.
That's reassuring to know. I was almost seeing you in a different light there for a minute.

Originally Posted by Squaremaster316 View Post
"I'm hesitant to watch this review because I may find this guy and kill him if he pisses me off too much"

Made by an Avengers fan after seeing the trailer of a potentially negative Avengers review on YouTube.
Can you find any instances where hundreds of them behaved this way at once over one review? Where it was so bad the reviewer's website and RT were both closed down temporarily over it?

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