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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
Yeah, I could see that, if Ra's didn't say something completely different in BB. The LOS isn't Al Qaeda, and their motives, along with Ra's, are very different in nature. If they thought the same way like Al Qaeda, they would also be targeting other cities outside of Gotham in the USA, but they don't, and are explicit about stating certain ones in different countries and least, until Bane came back to Gotham, and kinda messed up what the LOS was all about in these movies. The only way I could kinda agree with that article, is if they see Gotham as its own country, which its not, sooooo.....
Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
Yeah, but again, it completely contradicts what Ra's had set out in BB. In TDKR, Gotham was at peace, and the city was clean....why terrorize it, if you see it as some "crazed 'Western civilization' out of control", when it wasn't? It was actually portrayed as one of the cleanest cities in America. Which again, goes against Ra's plan in BB to begin with. Not only does the article not make sense, but neither does Bane's/Talia's plan, which of course, is obviously set out on revenge more than what Ra's or the LOS upheld.

That article sounds like they're just commenting on it as a single movie, instead of looking at it as a full trilogy.
Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
But they're not attacking greed at all, they're just attacking people who are rich(who could have easily gotten rich by the book, which doesn't equate to greed), and more specifically, they were attacking Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises, and they did that, in order to acquire the nuke. Just because there are people who are rich, doesn't mean the entire city is corrupt. They only showed one person who was trying to benefit from this, and that was it...and even then, he wasn't the main target, Bruce Wayne was. Everything Bane said to the people was a lie anyways, so I don't know how you could even equate his plan of destroying Gotham to that of greed? Especially when he set up ship under Wayne Enterprise, in order to acquire all of his equipment. The plan was to seek revenge against Wayne, plain and simple....

There's just so much more pointing towards revenge than some intricate plan, that I just can't see it any other way.
Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
I don't find it "coincidence" at all, when they knew that Bruce is Batman, they financially crippled him, set a trap in order to break him, set up a nice cozy area in Bane's jail to watch Gotham be destroyed, all while using all of Bruce's tech and nuke.

There are soooooo many more things that point to revenge than showing Gotham "whos boss", that it's very apparent. Unless, you ignore the countless amount of things that they did specifically against Wayne.
Brilliant. Well said

As someone else pointed out in another thread, this excuse about Bane wanted to live up to where Ra's failed or prove himself as being better than Ra's or whatever, where is this ever touched upon let alone even explored?

Bane says he is here to fulfill Ra's Al Ghul's destiny. That's it. End of discussion in the movie. He's not going to say he's doing it for his friend, Talia, because that would spoil the "twist" of Talia's reveal. Then Talia herself adds further info by saying Bane was cast out because he reminded Ra's too much of what happened his wife in the pit (so apparently all that stuff about him being excommunicated because he was too extreme for Ra's was bull). Bane loves her. Bane was her protector. She is here to honor her father by finishing his work. Bane admits to Bruce in the pit that all the speeches he spins Gotham is just false hope to poison their souls, so you can't believe a word he says about the rich and giving Gotham back to the people. It's all baloney.

Still waiting to hear where the movie suggests Bane is out to prove himself. If you listen to Talia's speech at the end it all implies he is doing it because he loves her. He was willing to die for when she was just a child in the pit. Now he's willing to die for her again so she can finish her father's work.

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