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Default Re: Heroic Archetypes - Batman Begins

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
You know, I had yet to see a group of fans attacking a reviewer after a negative review. Perhaps it's because I don't follow reviews much, but just saying. It works both ways. That negative review being attacked is the first I've seen of this.
Take it from moi, you ain't ever gonna find it anywhere except with TDKR. Not the Whedon fans, the Star Wars fans when Lucas made those rotten prequels so many of them hate.

No group of fans ever got together like a bunch of rabid jackals and shut down a website section cos they went ballistic with death threats over one bad review.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Can you find any instances where hundreds of them behaved this way at once over one review? Where it was so bad the reviewer's website and RT were both closed down temporarily over it?
I'll save ya the time waiting for an answer and say no. Not gonna happen.

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