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Default Re: Heroic Archetypes - Batman Begins

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Again Anno all I can say is I am very glad the administrations don't write them off as regular every day insults.
And that is definitely their call. But, imo, the first thing I'd do if I had a website that dealt with critics is make sure no one can comment back. From the "innocent" troll to certain death threats. Just take out the problem from the beginning. I see no reason to have comments regarding reviews either.

That's reassuring to know. I was almost seeing you in a different light there for a minute.
Lol, I don't see how just because I see nothing coming to fruition from death threats.

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Take it from moi, you ain't ever gonna find it anywhere except with TDKR. Not the Whedon fans, the Star Wars fans when Lucas made those rotten prequels so many of them hate.

No group of fans ever got together like a bunch of rabid jackals and shut down a website section cos they went ballistic with death threats over one bad review.
But as I said, as TDKR was a sequel and with how Avenger fans attacked one negative review....that doesn't bode well to see how negative reviews will be treated with Avengers 2. You make it seem like Whedon fans will all of a sudden become civilized, lol. We clearly see that's not the case with just ONE negative review.

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