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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - Part 15

I'm wondering if they don't try and tie this in with the upcoming JL film.

Jus thinking out loud here, but i'd do an after credits thing, or even make it the final scene.

camera POV, The Earth. all looks well after the massive fight between supes and zod. Camera faces the Earth from space then slowly turns toward deepspace and rockets off. Its flying faster and faster now. Past our planets, then soon other solar systems, comets, etc etc are seen and left behind.
Camera stops at a fiery planet. It flies down to the surface, and flies on over it, dodging flames leaping up out of the ground.

It finally comes to a huge dark fortress. miles long and tall. Camera flies through a window and down a massive hall. It stops before a being dressed strangely. The figure reaches out and peers into the camera lens, studying it. what we thought was a camera was really a probe.

''Master'', the strange being calls out. ''we have found him. He's on a planet called earth.''

We then see a throne with a huge figure cloaked in shadow sitting upon it. He has two glowing red eyes thats peering out from the darkness.

With a booming voice the huge figure orders, ''Prepare the parademons''.


IMVHO It would make a good setup for a sequel, JL or not.

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