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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
Aside from my other points i still hold the Hulk's desert army battle better than any of the TIH action scenes. I mean compare that with the hulk's "army battle" in TIH.
Agreed, nothing in TIH compared, heck not many actions scenes in ANY CBM compare, its an amazing sequence even today.

The army battle in TIH was very poor in comparison, they swapped tanks, jets and helicopters for humvee's with 50 cals, it didnt compare in any way.

Originally Posted by Obi-Ron View Post
As I've said before: Ang Lee's Hulk is unique. And because it is unique, the world won't tolerate its existence.
Remember that quote being in you sig, loved it.

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