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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Double post. Sorry, working on it as I go. Some of these ideas I've had for a while. I really think there's gonna be some time-travel but not a lot. And that "the other" is none other than another twisted and mutated version of Kang. A version that's been all around the timeline, this version of him and High Evolutionary have already met and are in an alliance with Thanos. A version that will make more sense once we see the other versions of Kang alongside a fully powered Ultron in Avengers 3. In the movies I think the 31st century becomes the age of Ultron... Not Kang or the future Guardians, or even Thanos... The kicker would be that most of the other Kangs oppose Thanos for his eventual rule over the timeline as an inevitability after he gets the gauntlet. Ultron was a part of Kang's plan to manipulate time and many beings against Thanos... and himself. Which means the Other and Thanos have time travel too. They too are waiting for the perfect times to strike.

So on top of this Magus has his origin slightly altered in GoTG. He's still created to oppose Thanos. Not altered a lot. Magus would still be an alternate version of Warlock born out of a time paradox. Only here, Magus is intimately tied to Thanos/Kang and Kang's other versions that he creates by accident. Because Kang's form of time-travel is not an exact science, and this would come to define his character(s), differentiating this series's use of time travel from other movies (especially ones like X-Men:doFP where altering the present is the goal to prevent something in the future). Here, the creation of alternate realities/dimensions is explored through alternate versions of Kang and other characters that pop into this timeline at certain key points in time. And they wouldn't shy away from the fact that the marvel universe is a multi-verse; instead showing that this is the way things are all connected in this marvel-verse/time-line (the film verse/on-screen timeline that Pym would be working to maintain once he "pops" in to stop Kang/Ultron). Forces more powerful than the characters could help make it so that Ant Man is in Avengers 2, even though we won't have seen his movie yet. If Lang and Pym are both in the Ant Man script, and it occurs in the 80's and the present; then maybe we were misinterpreting things & there really is a way to see Pym and Lang fighting side by side. Only for a short amount of time before Lang dies and Pym reverts to the name Ant Man. There could even be a reason why Janet is alone right now working for AIM, disguised as someone else, taking on an alternate identity of her own in the Iron Man 3 movie. I think the person in question is Janet/Wasp, but it's not revealed until post-credits where we learn that somehow, somewhere, some time; she already got her powers.

Pym, Jane, and Selvig would be "correcting"/maintaining the timeline in their movies/characters. Kang wouldn't be launching a direct invasion from the future. Kang already traveled to the past, has seen many timelines/possibilities. Interacting with Ant Man/the Ultron prototype & messing with the timeline in general is advancing things towards Ragnarok and the Infinity Gauntlet.. Creating the need for such devices to exist, and for Ant Man, Pym, and Janet to focus on parallel realities/other "dimensions" of their characters..

I think Surtur will be a major player in this movie, working with Hela/Malekith, but they'll keep Surtur and most of Hela for Thor 3. Enchantress would show up as a mysterious foe from Thor's past in Avengers 2, who the audience doesn't know the capabilities of because of the sudden appearance via time travel. We'd know all the other villains beforehand except Ultron. Mandarin would return with Sterns and Red Skull. This sets us up for not knowing her powers/when she's using them on the other masters of evil. Red Skull returns from Cap's past, Leader comes from Hulk's past and future, and so forth. Enchantress tells each of the masters that they should be leading, and that they alone should rule afterwards... Knowing that Red skull, mandarin, leader, and high evolutionary/Loki all have this desire to rule makes Mandarin realize he's losing control of his empire, and helps her manipulate the other masters. This gets to Sterns (he's been taken from a future where he leads Madarin's crumbling empire temporarily when the masters were assembled), and Enchantress is able to persuade people much more powerfully than Loki. So she keeps Thor busy during much of the masters' story, but she has her own goals in mind too. It's all for naught though, because Thanos realizes why one of the Kang doubles has assembled the masters of evil from all across time and space.

i think Surtur's a big enough threat for most of Thor 3.
Similar thing with Thanos-- I think he'll definitely be involved with GoTG and Avengers 2. But Thanos is almost too big to not save for the end. I see him on one side of the manipulations in Avengers 2. A little more directly involved than he was last time, but not taking on the whole team yet. I think Avengers 2 is Masters of evil with a little Thanos + an Ultron set up where Ultron travels to the 31st century with Kang... While Avengers 3 is Kang and Ultron, with a returning Thanos taking on ALL the remaining characters for the second half of the movie.

If time travel is coming into it with this movie, and only certain characters leap between times, then certain things can happen a little easier down the road. The device keeps us in the present and in the know about how the future is shaping, however, without Hela's power the Vision isn't as clear. Pym could exist side by side with Lang... travels from the 80's to the present. And like some of the casting calls could indicate: someone could be sending soldiers from all across time and space to Asgard in this film, on top of the other armies we see. We might not be seeing Thanos directly in this movie, but instead the beginnings of a buildup to what the Other actually is. And what his other versions that may have been spotted in the Bourne woods shoot are up to. This would make the stuff about Surtur being around since before the dawn of time more important.

And I don't think we'll see Beyonder in this movie, but I love what someone recently proposed about it maybe being the cube that transforms Algrim.

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