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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

I love having strong female characters in the movies, and I count movie!Pepper as the best of them. ┬┐Women running around in tight body armour (cough*BlackWidow*cough)? A self-serving male fantasy. A well written strong female character is not defined by being strong physically, but mentally. Pepper is leagues better than Tony at being CEO under pressure, and her storyline should continue to dwelve in that direction. Nothing in her movie journeys suggests that she needs a suit of armour to kick ass. The fact that it can be done / has been done in the comics does not mean it will look good on screen.

I would be OK with it if it played out as a last-minute effort to get her away from the explosion using one of Tony`s own IM suits, but never her own armour. Please, no.

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