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Default Re: Ideas on how to achieve time travel

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan83 View Post
playing on both the time travel mutant power and using Rogue

I had this idea where, we open in the current/not to distant future timeline as it should be (taking past 5-10s after The Last Stand, or what of it they keep in continues) the team chasing down an unknown mutant, Rogue gets a jump on him/her and comes in connect long enough to absorb their power/memory, just before he/she breaks free an disappears (seemingly into thin air/in a bring light)...

then we see the world change around Rogue (with her remaining unaffected cause she still has the other mutants powers) she doesn't know whats going on and wonders outside trying to figure out where she is, entering into a war zone environment... someone like Cyclops comes running to her rescue just before being hit by falling debri (or something) yelling out to her "where did you come from" "what are you doing out here" "who are you"... she look at him confuse at his questions, saying "Cyclops your alive" "how?" "don't you remember me" "where are the other x-men"
he replys "who are the x-men" "what are you talking about" she looks around this "it's not suppose to be like this"... then gets a flash of the time-traveling Mutants memories (seeing where he was going) then {flash} she subconsciously actives her new found ability and both her an Cyclops disappear... then cut to the 60's

I know that radically differs from the comic...
Not bad. I don't mind at all that it differs from the comic: it's the spirit of the story that's important (time travel to stop a dystopian future).

I do like Rogue having a pivotal, expanded role. But what happens to the time-travelling mutant from whom she absorbs memories/powers? He can't just disappear and be forgotten or he's just a plot device.

The way I see it, the time travel has to be different from just being some random machine, and the best two ways are:

1) Forge modifies Cerebro to allow Xavier's consciousness to reach through time
2) Something like your suggestion of Rogue and a time-travel mutant

I really like the idea of Rogue being the traveller in that way, and with Cyclops it would be an extra special bonus.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde

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