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Default Re: Best Superman Movie

I watched Superman III recently and I was surprised how well crafted it was. Don't get me wrong, but with some tweaks it could be the equivalent to the Batman 1966 movie (which I love). Lester's direction is very focused, though with a lot of slapstick, there are some very nice moments. Superman using creativity to save the people from the plant, freezing the lake and made it rain on the fire was just gold. Also the McGuffin of the acid was very well placed. The battle between Evil Supes and Clark was awesome too.

Reeve's performance is, as always, the highlight of the movie. Though it acts sometimes as a vehicle for Richard Pryor, he is very funny. Perhaps the biggest laugh I got was from the scene where he falls from the building. It was impossible, by even the laws of those crazy Otto Binder stories from the silver age, to survive, but I was rolling on the floor laughing.

There are things in Superman I and II I don't really like (like the time travel in the ending of the first, or the unexplainable Kryptonian powers of the second film) but is mostly nitpicking. I consider the Richard Donner cut to be the best, but then again is brought down by continuity.

I believe Superman IV had a lot of potential, the best is Lex and Superman's interactions. And though I like Superman Returns, it was a wasted opportunity, we needed something along the lines of Batman Begins and less of a homeage to the old films.


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