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Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I may be late on the uptake with this, but did it occur to anyone else that the character speaking at the beginning of Avengers is Thanos (to Lady Death)

I had originally attributed this quote to the Other, speaking to Thanos, but the voice is different from the one used in the Loki scene, also both the cloaked figure who comes in and kneels (at the beginning) and the one who hands Loki the scepter only has 5 fingers not 6, so not The Other. ( The Other is in the end scene though)


Intriguing; but I'm pretty sure that was always meant to be The Other, even if the props guy forgot to add the sixth finger prosthetic in certain scenes. Thanos hasn't officially been cast yet, and the guy who wore the suit this time was just a nobody who wasn't given any lines.


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