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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Ruthless? Not really. Hill wasn't portrayed in a very sympathetic light in the movie, her few moments of quasi-heroic action notwithstanding. She was a rather dimwitted obstructionist, and that is even more obvious when you look at the deleted scenes.

The character is an antagonist and was therefore bound to do some fairly wretched things, but I have to wonder why Whedon made Hill such an idiot. There must have been ways to have her butt heads with Fury that didn't involve her recommending harmful or self-defeating actions like calling off the evacuation of an imploding underground site. It wasn't as if Coulson had ordered an evac without taking other precautions, as Selvig and his team were still working to try and stop the Cube's reaction. On top of that, Hill's constant undermining of Fury made it clear that her top priority wasn't ensuring the best outcome but rather taking down her boss. Her actions would have engendered more sympathy from the audience had it been clear that she had valid concerns about Fury's plans.

In his commentary, Whedon identified the scene where Fury and Hill watched Iron Man and the Quinjet leaving the Helicarrier as the moment where she finally realized that Fury was right and stopped trying to oppose him. Presumably she'll have more character growth in her future appearances, though I'd rather see her exit (in a body bag) to make room for other, better SHIELD agents from the comics.
The bolded never happened. Not only was the base not imploding yet but what she actually opposed was evacuating the Phase II items, which, if her advice had been heeded, would have saved Fury a lot of headache later on. All your points are like this. Your bias against the Hill character is making you believe things that aren't true to further support your bias. Your recounting of the events is not reliable.

Stark did far more dumbness, backstabbing and undermining... with actual negative consequences but that's okay. He's Stark, so he must mean well. -shrug-

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