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Default Re: Daredevil reboot: official discussion thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Kingpin can still be the big bad, but he is more in the background. DD doesn't have to fight a crime boss in the first movie. I don't know what they would do with Bullseye, but he could be working for the Kingpin and has carried out a hit. Maybe DD investigates him and ends up battling him. In the end, he finds out that Bullseye has actually been contracted by Kingpin.

Or if not Bullseye, someone else like Gladiator.

You'd still have Kingpin appearing, but he's not going to face off against DD at this point but will just have his lackeys handle him. The problem with the Affleck DD is that Duncan's Kingpin seemed a bit like a thug himself.

And maybe have DD initially facing off against a different DD villain at the start, but when he's being brought to justice, he is assassinated by Bullseye, and Matt needs to find out why. Maybe he doesn't know Bullseye is a hitman at this point. That can lead him to inadvertently discovering the Kingpin. Not sure who would be this dispensable DD villain, but he'd have to be important enough for the Kingpin to want him dead. Maybe the Owl? Or could even just be a lesser one who is about to blow the whistle on Kingin's activities.
But that other villain would be "The Heavy", most of the plot would have to be around him, with Kingpin in the back ground, so that other villain has to be interesting on his own, not just some lame place holder for Kingpin. I also think having Bullseye in the first movie would be a mistake, I think they should do things a bit differently from the first film. I also don't think Owl is interesting enough to be "The Heavy" having Owl as a crime boss and then Kingpin as a crime boss in the next film, Owl will seem like a poor man's Kingpin.

I always felt that the role Owl should play in a DD movie is a gang war story, with him going against Kingpin. That way you can set up a contrast against Owl and Kingpin, Owl as a gangster who doesn't care about his reputation and has a hair trigger temper, while Kingpin is far more cool, calm and in control. Kingpin uses violence mainly achieve an end, while Owl will often engage in violence for violence's sake because of his poor impulse control. Kingpin is like Vito or Michael Corleone from Godfather, while Owl is like Tommy DeVito from Goodfellas. If you don't have a gang war, you really can't set up this contrast. So the question is, do you go with a gang war story in the first movie? Can you set up this contrast if Kingpin is just being introduced in this film, instead of being set up in a previous film? Perhaps you make this movie about Kingpin's rise to power, with Owl being the top crime boss and Kingpin trying to over throw him and Owl losing his cool over the course of the movie, but I do think that contrast is important.

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