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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by RaZaTrOn View Post
Armour is how we spell it across the pond so no need for the *.

Pepper isn't Stark's wife, she's his girlfriend. But that's not the point. If they go the route of having Rescue being a suit to ship her off to safety that is just going to make people scream and shout about sexism. The Rescue armour, if ever done in the films should have the same goals as the comics. To be a search and rescue armour with no intention of combat. Think back to Iron Man where she was shocked by the bullet holes in the Mark III, the seeds were planted there for her to be against combat to a degree. I'm not saying that they intend for her to be Rescue it's just you could see the ideas behind Rescue in her characterisation.

If they were to do the Rescue armour it needs to be done right. If it was me there are only two ways I'd have it in Iron Man 3.

1. As a cameo in a hall of armours scene. No reference is made it's just there along with other cameo suits.

2. Pepper is injured and she gets an arc reactor in her chest then adapt the scene from the comics where she talks to Tony about the whole thing, you don't see any armour it's just hinted at.
Originally Posted by Matarreyes View Post
I love having strong female characters in the movies, and I count movie!Pepper as the best of them. ┬┐Women running around in tight body armour (cough*BlackWidow*cough)? A self-serving male fantasy. A well written strong female character is not defined by being strong physically, but mentally. Pepper is leagues better than Tony at being CEO under pressure, and her storyline should continue to dwelve in that direction. Nothing in her movie journeys suggests that she needs a suit of armour to kick ass. The fact that it can be done / has been done in the comics does not mean it will look good on screen.

I would be OK with it if it played out as a last-minute effort to get her away from the explosion using one of Tony`s own IM suits, but never her own armour. Please, no.

Originally Posted by WindsofHorus View Post
I'm not complaining about Rhodey as War Machine.. Len Kaminski and Kev Hopgood's run on Iron Man is one of my absolute favorites.

Rhodey is actually qualified to be in a suit.. What makes Pepper? Nothing.
Originally Posted by The Infernal View Post

No, not seriously. I'm really surprised you didn't get that. I was illustrating the silliness of having Pepper armour up just because she was in danger (and not because of actual character progression). It's a cheap move and opens up the doors for Tony doing that for anyone he's close to that gets in the way of danger.

Not to mention that you potentially undermine Pepper's character. She's shown herself able to handle herself well enough and not be your average damsel in distress. Turning her into a superhero suggests she needs to armour up and it changes her character on a fundamental level. Pepper is arguably much better as a character without armour.

Pepper only became Rescue relatively recently in the comics. That's after a few decades of character development. Not something I'd look to throw into the third movie (which seemingly has a lot going on anyway).
All these words are full of wisdom.

Rescue Armor is as much a disservice to Pepper as it is to Tony Stark. It makes Pepper into something she's not: she is neither weak, nor is she a superhero. She is comfortably somewhere in-between, and she functions best in that capacity. She's the CEO of a multinational megacorp, and it would look all kinds of stupid to see her suiting up for ANY reason other than the lulz.


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