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Default Re: Ideas on how to achieve time travel

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan83 View Post
the time traveling mutant would be the antagonist/villain type character who causes the time line to alter with his traveling (rather its attentional/ accidental/ or even someone else pulling his strings) they would have to track him down and stop whatever he does to effect the future

needing to find him would probably lead them to seek Xavier (of the past)

plus, Rogue would only be able to hold his powers for a short time, so, if they don't find him it will be a one way trip
Great ideas!

It would be cool if Rogue accidentally ended up in a different time and pulled in a fan-favorite character.

I wouldn't mind if the time-traveling mutant weren't the focus. The fact that he/she sparks the entire conflict of the movie is the contribution! Just give that character a moment to shine (which is more than I can say for tons of characters in this franchise) and all is good!

But I also wouldn't mind if that mutant ended up being an antagonist like how in the comics there's Fitzroy, Bishop, Legion, etc. I wouldn't want Fitzroy though haha... he's lame.

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