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Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I was thinking all of that as well, (or maybe there are several servants there who are not the other but in the same robes) and then I came across that image and said, Hrmm....

And maybe see what you think when you watch it again but I think the voice really does sound different. It would have been easy enough to make it sound exactly like The other if it was really meant to be The Other. (as for casting, how many different guys have we had play Bruce Banner so far? LOL)

To be fair, Alexis Denisof's voice is highly distorted and modulated as The Other, so his voice changes literally with each word.

Speaking about The Other, I've suddenly got a massive brainstorm about this. I still firmly believe that The Other is commanding the Marauders at the battle we saw at Bourne Woods, and that he's coming for Loki. But now I'm beginning to see some more pieces of the Thor puzzle coming together.....because I think I know who The Other is now.

*Supposedly,* The Other is not a character from the comics; but suppose that's just smoke and mirrors, and he *really* is based on a Marvel comics character? Like other folks, I've been scouring the archives for possibilities to that effect, and I *might* have the answer:


Chthon has a *ton* of physical similarities to The Other, and there's plenty of reason to believe he would be intimately tied to Thanos in the Marvel Universe.

But here's some interesting facts about Chthon that may well apply to TDW:

*Chthon is ancient, and has been around since the dawn of time. Sound familiar?

*Chthon has immense powers over darkness, and this movie makes a point of focusing on "The Dark World."

*Chthon is capable of possessing people, and could very well be the "dark spirit associated with the Dark Elves" that, rumor has it, takes possession of Jane Foster in this movie.

*Chthon is also a regular foe of Dr. Strange, who is still rumored to have a cameo in this movie.

So, suppose this:

The Other is actually Chthon. Chthon is the dark spirit who is basically the god of the Dark Elves. Not canonical, but it makes some sense in the MCU. Malekith is a servant of Chthon, and helps him round up Jane Foster to possess. In this sense, maybe the role of Surtur in the Twilight Sword saga is being replaced in the MCU version by Chthon, The Other....?

I think Chthon is Marvel Studios' deep dark secret, their ace in the hole, and he'll come into his own in Thor: TDW. They managed to keep the role completely secret to the bloggers and spies and fanboys throughout the filming of Avengers, and it's quite possible that he remains behind the scenes even now in TDW, and yet will wind up playing a major role in the film.

Somebody get me Alexis Denisof's itinerary now, dammit....!


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