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Default Re: Lawrence Kasdan & Simon Kinberg Writing Episode VIII & IX

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
Doesn't negate his other work and the fact that the best Indy 4 lines are his. So it's incredible news. And he's also a producer, so he'll keep that hack Kinberg in check. This is as surreal as the announcement of the ST itself.
It doesn't. I think Kasdan has been slipping in quality but I think think in hindsight, it wasn't all his fault. He has made some forgettable rom-coms in the 90's and Dreamcatcher was a script he didn't adapt. Sadly, it was adapted by another gifted writer, William Goldsman. I think they were both guilty with that particular movie and Kasdan knows it, which explained his nearly 10 year absence from active duty in Hollywood.

But with Kennedy hovering there, I think Kasdan can bring his A game. Maybe he's like Martin Campbell, in whom looks like he's only talented at directing Bond movies. Everything else in his resme has ranged from okay to crap (Zorro was sheer luck, perhaps.)

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