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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
All these words are full of wisdom.

Rescue Armor is as much a disservice to Pepper as it is to Tony Stark. It makes Pepper into something she's not: she is neither weak, nor is she a superhero. She is comfortably somewhere in-between, and she functions best in that capacity. She's the CEO of a multinational megacorp, and it would look all kinds of stupid to see her suiting up for ANY reason other than the lulz.
Pepper isn't weak, but when attacked by a supervillain she is going to be in mortal danger. Giving her the Rescue armor is a way of keeping her out of danger and freeing her from the limiting role of perpetual damsel in distress.

One thing I look forward to if Pepper becomes Rescue: Reading all the posts online condemning the move. If nothing else, a backlash may confirm the industry's opinion that female superheroes will never be totally accepted by the audience, which may in turn influence Marvel's plans to bring solo heroines like Ms./Captain Marvel to the big screen. Why use her when you can feature a male hero with the same powers and name?

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