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Default Re: Return of the Jedi Appreciation Thread

There has been debate on which was better, Revenge of the Sith or Return of the Jedi. As a person who dislikes the PT, I think this debate has some weight. I think Sith was the best out of the PT, but it's because the last two were gross. (I still think Phantom Menace is one of the worst movies I've seen, along with Dreamcatcher and Transformers 2.)

I think both movies are uneven, but I'd give 'Jedi' an edge because it does have the characters that I love and it completes their journey, mostly Luke's and Vader's. There's still sets and on-sight locations and the practical effects are still amazing.

Plus non of the prequels have pop culture moments that have been ingrained into our public lexicon (yet). Let's look at it from a causal fan or Joe Public's point of view: The OT had 'May the Force be with you', 'Its a trap', Slave Leias at Comic-Con, Leia's Bun hair, Yoda himself, "I'm your Father', etc. And to a lesser extent, 'Han Shot First' among other things. And yes, Boba Fett is still more popular than his father. Everything is so iconic and it can't just be my rose-tinted glasses can it?

PT has done squat besides making fun of Jar-Jar and the array of Clone Troopers at conventions. Maybe Darth Maul? Yeah...It's been nearly 10 years, so.

Revenge of the Sith is as flawed as 'Jedi' but it still has the most unlikable/flat set of characters that I don't care about. Besides Obi, who should've been more of the focus of the PT from the get-go while we see the growth of Anakin's arc. I guess we kinda got it, but it lacked focus and was mishandled. Somewhere in there, there's an amazing narrative throughline muddled down by non-sequital babble and melodrama.

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